After Effects Vignette preset!!!

This is my wonderful Pay What You Want preset to make your own vignette in after effects.

NEW UPDATE- Watch the video here –

I was inspired by a plugin ft-vingetting pro, but its 25$ and mine could be free. My after effects preset does almost just as much as the 25$ plugin. and again PAY WHAT YOU WANT.

so please enjoy this vignette preset. or at least download it then you’ll know how to make your own preset if thats what your into. But with out further rambling. Here is the link

The plugin is Pay What You Want. Suggested amount is $1.00, but you could put zero.

Also, check out my channel, I’ve got some great after effects tutorials. Connect with me on Google+ Submit a tutorial request. Support this channel and buy Adobe Creative Cloud with this link. This is an affiliate link .

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