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Hi friends! No need to watch this all the way through…unless you want to hear me ramble about my tendonitis, social media obsession, books, and random things that popped into my mind as I recorded this without a script. There’s a good reason why I don’t normally voice over anything unscripted!

Also, I said the s-word in this video so be warned! Whoops. I try not to swear on youtube…but can’t really edit right now so..there’s that.

I’ll be on a break for this week so there won’t be any new videos on this channel for at least this week, perhaps next week as well. BUT I am sure I’ll be back right after that. Pumpkin-y things and more vegan doughnuts are coming so turn on those notifications! LOVE YOU!


P.S. How many times did I say “anyways” and “like”?

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