Clay Time : Time for Art #3


Here at Pixologic, it is always exciting when we get ready to release a new version of ZBrush.

I would like to share some of this excitement with you by posting a recently recorded movie in the Z4R2 beta.

The movie is a recording of my ‘Clay Time’ sessions, which are one hour recording condensed into 5 minutes of playback.
In “Clay Time” sessions, I simply select a simple mesh (such as the ‘default sphere’), activate DynaMesh and start creating.

As demonstrated in the movie, DynaMesh enables you to explore multiple concepts in a very short period of time.
You do not need to create a base mesh to fit your target-concept, or even have a specific concept in mind. You may simply select a sphere, activate DynaMesh, and let your creative juices flow!
It is exhilarating to freely shape the mesh and quickly explore many ideas until you arrive at a concept worthy of progressing into finer detail.

I hope that you enjoy this demonstration of DynaMesh and I am looking forward to seeing your “Clay Time” sessions beginning September 20th


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