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Today, I wanted to make vegan Crystal Shrimp Dumplings for you because Har Gow was my absolute favourite at dim sum (right after siu mai). The local shops were all out of vegan shrimps when I was shopping for the photo/video shoot, so we’re making vegan Crystal TOFU Dumplings. Just as good. Almost.

Printable recipe + blog post:

While you’re in the dumpling mood, check out The Viet Vegan’s Vietnamese Mung Bean dumplings!

Vietnamese Mung Bean Dumplings video:

Vietnamese Mung Bean Dumplings recipe + blog post:

Buy these products from your local Asian grocery store if you can. Usually, they have better prices than online.

Tapioca Starch:

Wheat Starch:

Veggie “Tian Bu La” fishcake-style tofu:

Vegetarian Mushroom Stir Fry Sauce:

Chinese Black Vinegar:

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