Human Head Ecorche Speed Sculpt By Sergio Mengual

After I did the skull study, decided to continue it making an muscular anatomycal study, or best know like “ecorche” of the Human head.
I decided to put this ecorche 3D model available to download FOR FREE. Only you need follow the next steps:
1st: Give like to this video.
2nd: Suscribe to the Channel.
The condition is: when my channel hit the 5000 suscribers, I’m going to put the link to download this 3D ecorche model free to charge, and in several formats at your election in the description of this same video.
Of course, if you share this video in your social networks you have more chances to raise the amoount of people suscribing to the channel to achieve the objective more fast to get the link for download.
You can invite your friends to suscribe to the channel and make click on the like button to get more fast your free 3D ecorche model.
Usefull for consult for 3D sculptors, and anatomy students.
This offer is open until the next December 31th,(31/12/2016).
Sergio Mengual.

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