Joseph Drust – #AskZBrush LIVE – Episode 8

One of our developers answers ZBrush questions from the audience. This episode covers: switching to the Transpose line from the Gizmo 3D, using the SHIFT + clicking the eyeball icon to show or hide all SubTools, upgrading to ZBrush 4R8, Opening 4R8 Files, using Dynamic brush size, quick Live Boolean workflow examples, and using Text 3D as a Live Boolean Subtraction.

Want to have your ZBrush or ZBrushCore question answered live? Tune in to #AskZBrush LIVE and ask away in our live chat! Pixologic staff will demonstrate your question on air or help via live chat. Meet our growing community in the chat, learn tips and tricks from the source, you never know what kind knowledge you’ll come across!
Want more #AskZBrush? Discover the original offline version which is still being updated today!

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