Michael Pavlovich – Pavlovich Workshop Broadcast #10

Highlights from this broadcast:

-Created a tileable NanoMesh texture for some metal knurling
-Created a barbell with ZModeler
-UV’d the bar using UV Master
-Added the knurling as surface noise
-Transferred into Luxion Keyshot
-Applied Surface Noise as displaced geometry using Layers and Morph Targets
-Modeled an old beer can using Spotlight as reference
-Covered ZAppLink camera saving vs timeline cameras
-Covered Dynamic SubDivisions and how they can be utitlized with Crease levels
-Covered Radial Symmetry in conjunction with ZModeler as well as DynaMesh sculpting to ZRemesher for a bottlecap
-Created InsertMesh Brush from bottlecap

Broadcasted live on Twitch — Watch live at http://www.ZBrushLIVE.com

Michael’s monthly schedule is available below:

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