Michael Pavlovich – Pavlovich Workshop – Episode 23

Highlights from this stream include:
-ZRemeshing pieces to get SubDivision history for easier transpose master posing later
-Going over the differences between Geometry/ZRemesh and SubTool/Remesh, and some best practices involved for projection and mesh cleanup for both methods
-Installing new ZBrush plugins such as NanoTile Master, Panel Loops Presets, CleanTool Master, and ZRepeat It
-Discussing basic Panel Loop functionality, then diving into Panel Loop Presets
-CleanTool Master, and using Preferences/Customize to add some buttons from that to our default startup interface
-Transpose modeling functionality, and the benefits of using Transpose Tool vs the Gizmo
-Framing PolyGroups with Curve Brushes, using the resulting mesh as a Subtractive mesh, and creating union meshes from that
-Stylized rendering using zbrushguides.com materials to get a unique look
-Discussed ZRepeat It and it’s functionality to add subdivisions to every SubTool in our stack
-Curve Brushes on a framed mesh, then stylize render our resulting “death star”.
-MatCaps and how the texture effects the rendering of the material in realtime
-Stylized hair creation techniques: Brush modifiers vs FiberMesh vs NanoMesh vs Keyshot toon shaders
-Covered ZRemesher to create game-res topology
-Quick hard-surface sculpting using DynaMesh on a concept mesh sketch
-Discuss how to use NanoMesh in lieu of InsertMesh for added functionality and flexibility
-UV master on a Boolean union mesh result.

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