Welcome on my Rhino Tutorials Channel!

I have been teaching Rhino for the last 9 years at the University for people interested in product design, transportation design, graphic design and industrial design. I also work as an industrial designer and own my Industrial Design Studio.

On my channel you will find basic sessions tutorials. They will guide you through crucial steps where most people got stuck at the beginning.
Session for beginners will illustrate how to use Rhinoceros creatively to make your ideas become real.
Product development session will be helpful for those who want to learn how to make product ready for industrialisation processes.

Each movie contains knowledge how you can edit and modify surfaces to add a greater level of details.
Each video is long enough not to get you bored.
Also don’t forget to follow me on Facebook as well as I regularly communicate to my students – new exercises, news, tips and trics, renders and ideas done with Rhino.

Whether you’re a student, engineer, architect, interior designer, technician or simply 3D passionate – my tutorials will help you to improve your skills.

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