SF Vegan Eats Pt 2: Ryan’s Always Eating Edition

Here’s Part 2 of our trip to San Francisco for Ryan’s 50th birthday! We really went to town, eating all the vegan things including epic vegan cheese sandwiches, gluten free baked goods, dairy free ice cream, Japanese noodles, and Indian street food. We also enjoyed a scenic nature hike, a visit to the Palace of Fine Arts, a run at Kezar Stadium, and some old school jazz at a little club in the Mission. It’s good times, all the way!

Anji is wearing the 5-free vegan nail polish “Paris in Love” by Madam Glam.

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“Saudade” by Anji Bee
β€œBrother Against Brother,” “This Truth (Kambronn Remix),” “Walk Away (Dminor Remix)” and “Motherless Child” by Lovespirals
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