Shred Guitar – How To Shred On Guitar

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shred guitar – how to shred on guitar
Thats what I call a shred guitar players wet dream ! playing extreme shred guitar in front of a large crowd – beautifull !! Well, apart from the fun little idea to make this into a video, the lick I present is also totally killer, its a Pentatonic Legato and also combined with tapping with three fingers. Lets just dive into the different aspects of the lick. The first challenge you might be facing if you are note used to it is the three string skips, first between the first three notes per string pattern between the low E string and the D string, and then combined with the considerable stretch you get from the fourth fret on the D string, my suggestion is that you only practice that pattern back and fourth until it feels comfortable and you are able to put just the right amount of dampening into the pattern to kill the possible noise. Next is sliding into the different three notes per string Pentatonic patterns and then adding the next string skip between the G string and high E string. I think a really great drill you can make when you are ready for it is to play the complete lick with out the Tapping until it gets comfy ! This is also a killer shred guitar lick and I actually use it a lot without the tapping because it becomes so much more flexible regarding how much you can move it around in different keys because with the tapping it covers somthing like eightyfive procent of the neck and only about sixtyfive procent without the tapping pattern. The final thing I want to discuss regarding the technique is the final string skipping pattern where you go from the high E string and descend into the G string. This is in my opinion the biggest challenge, to produce enough sound from the G string when you enter it with the little finger, so actually you can also make a drill of only this little pattern to leverage your learning curve massively. As I mention in the video you can kick the lick off from the fifth mode of the Major scale, the reason for this is that the lick actually is a B minor Pentatonic lick but it kicks off from the seventh of the scale. What this means to you when you are improvising is to start thinking about the lick once you reach the fifth position of the major scale when you are improvising and it will eventually become second narture and you will do this without any noticeable thinking pattern. Good luck

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