Thomas Roussel – Fan Art sculpting with ZBrush – 2B from NieR Automata #2

Follow the second part of the process of a figurine creation digitally sculpted with ZBrush and based on 2B character fan art from the NieR Automata video game.

This second part is focusing on refining some proportions as well as working on the eye-band and more importantly starting the hair creation.
Thomas will explain how to create a Tri-Part Insert MultiMesh hair brush and will use as well the Topology brush to create some accessories.

Watch part 1:

The fan art is based on a Tim Löchner illustration. Thanks to him! Follow his work:

In the video, some links are listed as well as the hair brush download:
– The Japanese article about NieR Automata:
– Tri Part Hair brush (press M to chose one of the patterns):

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