Vegan Black Metal Chef Episode 20: Falafel Jihad

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Vanja Grbic

Learn to make amazing Falafel, Hummus, and Babaganoush

The Babaganoush:
Even if you have not liked this in the past, give it a try. It comes out amazing. You can eat it with chips or pita like hummus. You can also dip the falafel in it or use as a sandwich topping. The Liquid smoke takes it over the edge.

The Hummus:
This makes a basic amazing hummus that comes out perfect every time. Add shit to this for even more intense flavor explosion. Sundried tomatoes, basil and pine nuts… Roasted Red Pepper or Garlic? Whatever the hell you want.

The Falafel:
This is an easy no work method for falafel from the various mixes in the store. The mixes are o.k. but can really be kicked up with some matzo meal.

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