Vegan Cuts “Back to School” Snack Box MUKBANG

Get some great ideas for vegan snacks to pack for school this semester! Anji and Ryan unbox and try a new Vegan Cuts Snack Box and pick their faves from an array of sweet and savory healthier food and beverage options from Choice Organic Teas, Enjoy Life Foods, Watusee Foods, Deep River Snacks, Just Chill, Pizootz, Bobalu Nuts, Wise, Go Raw, MRM, Aloha, Earnest East and Buddha Brands.


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This video is not sponsored, as in made-for-pay, but does include items given to me gratis for review purposes and possible commission if viewers use the special link provided. We make videos featuring vegan products for the joy of sharing vegan friendly items with our viewers.

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