Bendable wires in Electronics Lab

Start by clicking on a terminal and click to make your way to whatever other terminal you would like to connect to and smart guides will help you keep it straight.

When you’re not happy with the placement, use the BACKSPACE key to remove previous control points.

When you finished the wire, the control points you just created appear, which you can then drag individually and they’ll snap to other control points on the wire.

Holding down SHIFT allows you to select multiple control points so you can move them together and you can also move a specific segment of the wire by clicking and dragging it.

To add a control point, just double click the wire.

To delete control points, you can use the trashcan or the BACKSPACE button on your keyboard.

You can also move the end points to another terminal, and if you try to move it to a place where there’s is no terminal, it will go back to where it came from.

You can also use the arrow keys of your keyboard to move it around, which is can be very helpful on the breadboard.

To move control points from multiple wires, select the wires first by holding down SHIFT and then select the control points you want to move while holding down SHIFT as well.

You can change the wire color via the inspector or by using the numbers on your keyboard for the first 10 colors. You can do this while drawing a wire or with selected wires. This also remembers the color, so the next wire you start will be in the same color that you chose.

To deselect a wire, use the ESC key or click anywhere on the canvas.

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