From Freelancer to VFX Industry Juggernaut – an interview with Andrew Kramer

Introducing the first episode of a new Youtube series! Every two weeks you’ll get a new interview with an industry artist from LA. Featuring artists from Blizzard, Riot and more. Subscribe for new episodes 🙂

In this first interview, you’ll hear from Andrew Kramer of Video Copilot.

Chapter Marks:
5:58 – (Start) How Video Copilot got started
17:20 – Transitioning from an artist to a business owner
26:11 – The power of giving things away
40:53 – Choosing what to work on next
43:12 – Advice for aspiring artists today
1:00:20 – Is rendering dead?
1:08:07 – Are we living in a computer simulation?
1:10:20 – Future AI tech and whether VFX jobs are safe
1:17:02 – Mindset of amateurs vs pros
1:27:54 – Where is Intercept?
1:31:20 – Deadlines and being a perfectionist
1:39:13 – Is college worth it?
1:41:56 – How to be a self-starter

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